Photography & edit


Ideas, sensations, feelings that resonate in your head in the background every day in each one of us and that at a given moment we release and show. At that moment is when you really understand yourself, forgive yourself, love yourself and leave it out and become a new version of yourself.

Album covers

This is a combination of 3D techniques with matte painting effects.
The project represents the two sides of an album cover with Epic Music.


This is a colection of some of my photomontages, created using Photoshop. The using of other media mixed with a main real photo makes me play sometime with the matte-painting and original compositions.

Landscape and character

A little collection of landscape using human figure in it to play with the composition, the light and the colors.

Lego bonsai

The focus of this photoshoot was to bring to life a Lego bonsai, a tree made of plastic. I did this locating the piece in the nature, spraying it with the morning dew or watering it as a real living being. The edit of the pictures was made after with Adobe Lightroom.

Gunpla session

In this photo session, I tried to play with perspective to make it look the tiny figures as if they were real giant mechas. The edit made after with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop played a vital role on the final look and the different color grading.


A compilation of other works using different cameras and approaches.